The little things you can buy...


Gift Prints

Wallets (set of 8): $35

Small Gift Portrait (5x7 or 5x5): $25

Large Gift Portrait (8x10 or 8x8): $40

Wall Portraits

Wall portraits are mounted and sprayed for protection and preservation.

Petite Wall Portrait (11x14 or 12x12): $75

Small Wall Portrait (16x20 or 16x16): $150

Medium Wall Portrait (20x24 or 20x20): $265

Large Wall Portrait (24x30 or 24x36 or 30x30): $400

Digital Collections

The Ultimate ~ $1250

All digital files with set of reference prints,plus a $400 print credit

Archiverâ€s Choice ~ $1050

All digital files with set of reference prints

Just My Favorites ~ $850

10 high resolution digital files with same 10 reference prints

Portrait Collections

Heirloom Collection ~ $1200

1 - 20x24 fine art canvas print

2 - 16x20 wall portraits

4 - 11x14 wall portraits

4 - 8x10

6 - 5x7

Complete collection of proofs

Classic Collection ~ $850

1 – 16x20 fine art canvas prints

2 – 11x14 wall portraits

4 – 8x10

10 - 5x7

4 sets of wallets

Basic Collection ~ $500

1 - 16x20 wall portrait

4 - 11x14 wall portraits

2 - 8x10


2 sets of wallets

**Prices are subject to change without notice. If there is a price increase between the time that you book your session and the time your session is held, you will be able to place your initial portrait order at the prices that were current at the time of your booking.


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